im ashley, all you need to know is that i say yo way too much for a 16 year old girl
amigos cosplay
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Booboo and her friends =^_^= | via

if i ever had to murder someone i would murder them with my pointe shoes tbh
theres so many possibilities on what to do


Gala Internazionale di Danza

Diana & Acteon 

 Claire Teisseyre and Neven Ritmanic 

 Teatro La Fenice.

Photo (c) Michele Crosera

well im most certainly not going to deny that youre an attractive man /wink wonk/
but i feel you bro its like “wow, i actually make a decent guy” @ephonajizabel

somehow at dance tonight i managed to cut my toe, bruise my toe knuckles, bruise my knee, and scrape the tops of both of my feet
dance is dangerous dont ever do it

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Without doubt, my favorite piece from the Art of How To Train Your Dragon 2



refresh that


"why dont you cosplay more female characters?" bruh have you seen what female characters wear i look more male in my figure i cant pull off ladies that show a lot of skin


One more because she is an angel

look what i made today :) one of the sleeves and the collar need to be fixed and it needs to be hemmed slightly but at least the vest is completely done

the fact that i am working on my third elsa dress is somewhat frightening

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i just cut out all the patterns and fabric for hiccup, kid loki, and elsa 3.0 im finally on to sewing them yuusssss